Self-Directed Learning and Coaching Program

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What Is It?

Your audit team can now get the benefits of Angela’s proven training and feedback:

  • At a time and location most convenient for your team members.
  • At a fixed per-person cost.
  • Customized to reinforce your own department’s report format and style.
  • Consistent with your team’s standards for effective and timely reports.

With independent study by auditors and remote coaching from Angela, this training involves:

  • No travel costs.
  • No block of time away from the office.
  • No logistics.
  • No need to coordinate multiple schedules.

Who Can Benefit?

Individual coaching is effective and appropriate for the following:

  • New hires in audit departments who have previously provided Angela Maniak's writing workshop to the rest of their audit staff.
  • Professionals who have participated in Angela Maniak's writing workshop and desire further feedback and development.
  • Audit departments who want to make their report-writing more effective, timely, and efficient.
  • Individuals who recognize a need and have a desire to strengthen their writing skills.

Angela Explains How It Works

If your internal audit department has previously offered Angela’s on-site writing workshop, you are ready to maintain your standards for report quality and timeliness by training new hires promptly.

I offer a method for accomplishing that quickly and economically. Instead of waiting 12 or more months until you have enough new hires for an in-house workshop, you can use my services remotely to train new hires.

My method employs the following:

  • New hires’ reading of text and completion of exercises I provide.
  • New hires’ review of your internal audit department’s report template and writing guidelines.
  • My consultation with the new hires to assess their on-the-job writing.
  • My one-on-one coaching of new hires to develop the needed writing skills.

My work can be done remotely via phone and internet, and so it provides a training solution that is:

  • Timely—delivered within three months of a new hire’s starting date.
  • Cost-effective—no travel expenses are incurred.
  • Results-oriented—coaching is geared to your department’s standards as well as each individual’s needs.
  • The professional fee for training new hires is on a fixed per-person cost.

Contact Angela Maniak at 207-338-0108 for further details.

For individual professionals who have previously participated in my training, remote coaching involves:

  • Consultation with the individual to identify goals for improvements in writing skills.
  • My review of on-the-job writing samples and feedback to the individual.
  • Coaching on methods to strengthen writing skills.
  • Follow-up as needed to ensure successful learning.
  • The professional fee for one-on-one coaching is on an hourly basis.

Contact Angela Maniak at 207-338-0108 for further details.

For departments or individuals who have not previously participated in my training, I start with a consultation to determine your specific goals and assess your current reporting practices. This includes:

  • My review of report samples you provide.
  • Discussion with you to learn your goals for the coaching engagement.
  • Collaboration with you to set achievable and measurable objectives and agree on the scope and cost of the engagement.

Contact Angela Maniak at 207-338-0108 for further details.

My Approach to Coaching

Whether I am working with new auditors or experienced professionals, staff or management, my goals are to enable writers to:

  • Understand and apply objective criteria for audit report writing.
  • Proactively engage in setting goals for improved writing skills.
  • Draft reports according to their internal audit department’s expectations and guidelines.
  • Do objective self-assessments of their writing.
  • Develop pride of authorship and retain ownership of their writing.

As a writing coach, I do the following:

  • Understand the report template, writing guidelines, and style guide in place in the writers’ internal audit departments.
  • Collaborate with writers to identify their goals.
  • Provide objective and constructive feedback on writing samples provided by the writers.
  • Deliver feedback so that writers understand and accept the input.
  • Coach writers to enable them to improve their writing quickly and significantly.
  • Provide feedback to writers that is consistent with their audit management’s expectations and criteria for effective writing.
  • Respond promptly to writers’ requests for feedback and coaching.
  • Periodically report to audit management on writers’ progress.