Customized Report Design

Angela J Maniak, Skill-Builders Press, Books for Business Writing, Quick Tips for Business Writing, Customized Report DesignAngela Maniak can help you design a report that gives your management team just what they want to know, in a format that best displays the value of your message. Angela's consultation provides you with:

  • Customized report format, focusing on content and organization
  • Document layout, including summary, detailed report, attachments, and other sections
  • Templates for documents
  • Guidelines for writers

Angela has helped scores of world-class audit departments design readable, effective, and memorable reports that respond to the needs of their organizations' executives. Angela can work with you and your group to achieve these benefits:

  • Consistent high quality in each and every report you issue
  • A distinctive look to your reports so that clients recognize your product
  • A report design that gives readers just what they need and in a form they want
  • Elimination of confusion and guess work among writers and reviewers
  • A common understanding of reporting standards among the entire audit team
  • Reduction in writing time
  • Reduction in editing time

Don't worry. A customized report design will not result in "cookie-cutter" reports all sounding alike. Angela advises clients to avoid using standardized report sections, boilerplate language, or extensive "copying and pasting." Each report needs to convey its unique message. Angela does not give you a "one-size-fits-all" solution to your reporting needs.